Pradeep George

Configure imce with ckeditor as an image/ File uploader and browser

Configuring IMCE with CKeditor is easy, but a little tricky. Here is how you can do it. 1. Configure your CKeditor , you can see the step configure CKeditor in Drupal here2. Download IMCE  from here Install IMCE in your sites/all/modules directory4. Activate the IMCE module5. Go to configuration-ckeditor (in drupal 7)7  Edit the […]

Configure ckeditor in drupal

When I started working with Drupal, it took some time for me to figure out how you could configure CKeditor in order to have the WYSIWYG html editor while creating your content. Here are the steps to configure it properly. 1.Go to  and download the corresponding version2. Unzip the module in to your sites/all/modules […]

Easter memoirs

I am a bit late in starting this. But in Sweden the hangover of Easter lingers into the next two weeks. There are still lot of empty spaces in the office parking lot and I am yet to receive the responds to the emails I have sent before Easter.Anyway Easter brings a lot of good […]

In memory of our dogs

Even though the title says dogs, let me start with a cat who triggered the thought of the dogs. One of our Indian friends in Sweden has a cat called Minnu and we often get a chance to take care of her. It started with bringing her home for one day and now may be […]