Review Carpe diem bed

Thought of writing a Review of Carpe Diem Bed that we bought few months back as I searched for a review when I wanted to buy the bed and I couldn’t find any good one. Few months ago, me an my wife started discussing about our life and the things we need to make it […]

Happy new year!

I was reading the below quote from Mother Teresa and thought this would be my goal for this year and the ones to come Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.Life is beauty, admire it.Life is bliss, taste it.Life is a dream, realize it.Life is a challenge, meet it.Life is a duty, complete it.Life is […]

How to build customer loyalty

For any business to grow, 2 things are important, what you offer and your customer. The key component makes your business grow is the  loyal customer base. The below five statistics from PricewaterhouseCoopers review seems to be really interesting. Almost one-third of good experiences related to service support are related to staff members’ product knowledge […]

Easter memoirs

I am a bit late in starting this. But in Sweden the hangover of Easter lingers into the next two weeks. There are still lot of empty spaces in the office parking lot and I am yet to receive the responds to the emails I have sent before Easter.Anyway Easter brings a lot of good […]